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Several Technical Characteristics of Medicinal

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Medicinal GMP oven Technical characteristics:
1, medicinal GMP oven material: inside and outside the stainless steel;
2, drying production: column with stainless steel square tube, beams for the stainless steel angle, the use of argon arc welding. The wheels are made of high temperature nylon wheels, each with two steering wheels, two variable wheels. Drying the overall structure of a reasonable, strong, beautiful and practical.
3, the oven in the form of heating: electrical dual-use, electric heating pipe material for the stainless steel tube aluminum fins. Its heating effect is good, good health conditions.
4, medicinal GMP oven with large air volume, low noise axial fan for the circulating fan, the box on both sides of the adjustable system on the wind device. This forced ventilation, so that air volume uniform, wind speed, to ensure that the material dry fast and uniform.
5, oven into the wind with sub-efficient filter to ensure that the oven within the cleanliness of the wind; out of the wind with a filter.
6, medicinal GMP oven door lock with advanced adjustable elastic lock, locking performance, easy to operate. Between the door and the box with high temperature silicone rubber seals, sealing performance.
7, medicinal GMP oven control cabinet for the touch control cabinet, using digital display, digital precision, action sensitive. Use the automatic controller to keep the temperature inside the oven constant in the set value, after the limit with sound and light alarm. (Temperature has the upper limit control, more than the upper limit of heating forced to close at the same time sound and light alarm)
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