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Jiangyin Jiayuan Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd

Address: Shengang Industrial Zone, Jiangyin Lin'gang Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel: 0086-510-8668 7091

  • GMP oven (medicinal oven)

    GMP oven (medicinal oven)

    Sketch:Fluidizing drier is also called as fluidized-bed. It consists of air filter , heater ,fluidized-bed main machine, feeder , cyclone separator , cloth bag duster ,high-pressure centrifuge fan and operation table…

  • Medicinal oven accessories

    Medicinal oven accessories

    Sketch:1) GMP baking dish, is Jiayuan oven ancillary products (also known as straight side plate), can thoroughly clean. Standard size: 640 460 45mm.2) radiator, is Jiayuan oven ancillary products, materials are aluminum, stainless steel fins, but also non-stan…

  • GMP oven application industry

    GMP oven application industry

    Sketch:GMP oven for medical, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemicals, health products, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, veterinary drugs, animal health products and other industries, but also for medical and health, tertiary institution…

  • Technical parameters of medical oven

    Technical parameters of medical oven

    Sketch:Industry standard modelEach amount of drying/kgEquipped with power/kwConsuming steam/kg/hCooling area/m2Air volume/m3/hUp and down the temperature difference/℃Equipped with baking trayDimension mmWidth depth heightSupporting baking carweightRXH-7-C500.…

  • Characteristics of medicinal ovens

    Characteristics of medicinal ovens

    Sketch:Jiayuan professional research and development of new medicinal oven, has the following characteristics Advantages:Medicinal oven heating methods are steam, electricity, heat transfer oil, electric and steam dual-use four heating methods.The characteristics…

  • GMP oven principle

    GMP oven principle

    Sketch:GMP oven principle GMP oven is the introduction of Jiayuan to absorb domestic and foreign hot air oven based on the improvement of a new type of general-purpose drying equipment. It uses hot air in the box of the heating method, the heat conduction, the ma…

  • The origin of the medical oven

    The origin of the medical oven

    Sketch:Medicine oven, is to adapt to the pharmaceutical industry GMP requirements and the development of new drying equipment, it is in Jia Yuan ordinary drying box on the basis of, after several upgrades, thermal efficiency reached a more advanced level at home …

Jiangyin Jiayuan Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. Main products are: GMP oven, medicinal oven, medicine oven, food drying room, thermal cycle oven, food oven, beef dryer, etc.