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The core components of the three - dimensional motion mixer

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Three-dimensional motion mixer in the three-dimensional three-dimensional space to do a unique translation, rotation, rock movement, so that the material in the mixing tube in the "rotating flow - translation - inverted fall" and other complex state of motion, resulting in an alternating pulse, continuous To urge the material.
The turbulence generated by the motion of the three-dimensional motion mixer has a varying energy gradient so that the particles in the mixed material have different states of motion, and the particles constantly change their position in the frequent motion diffusion The satisfaction of the mixed effect.
Jiuyuan three-dimensional sports mixer is the core component of the mixing cylinder, and its structure is the most important, we look at the three-dimensional mixing machine mixing cylinder two space cross and perpendicular to each other, respectively, by the three-dimensional movement Rocker connection between the main and driven shaft, mixing cylinder by the barrel, the cone is the end of the feed, eccentric cone out of the material side, the inlet and the discharge device. Mixing cylinder with high-quality stainless steel refining, the inner wall and the outer wall by polishing. Cylinder air tightness, smooth surface without dead ends, no residue, easy to clean. The inlet is sealed with a clamp flange, which is easy to operate and has good air tightness. The material is designed with the unique design of the eccentric cone, the asymmetrical design is more conducive to the material evenly mixed, the material is discharged, the outlet is in the lowest position of the mixing container, and the material is discharged. Discharge valve sealing performance is good, easy to discharge, no residue.
Compared with other types of mixers, the three-dimensional mixer can overcome the specific gravity deflection caused by different density materials. It can overcome the shortcomings of agglomeration and accumulation movement, so that the material can not be effectively diffused. Is the ideal high-performance mixing equipment.
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