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GMP oven characteristics, six structural analysis

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Key word:
GMP oven Features:
GMP oven most of the hot air in the box cycle, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation.
GMP oven using the role of forced ventilation, the box is equipped with adjustable sub-wind board, dry material evenly. Heat source can be used steam, soft drinks, electricity, wide selection.
GMP oven noise, running balance, temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.
Applicable to a wide range of dry materials can be a variety of general drying equipment.
GMP oven air circulation system using the fan cycle air way, the wind cycle uniform and efficient. Circulating air supply to ensure uniformity of indoor temperature. GMP oven 6 large structure
1. Heating system: automatic heater;
2. Circulation system: high temperature and low noise motor;
3. Control system: the use of intelligent temperature control instruments, with adjustment function, you can set a variety of parameters, digital display, reading is very convenient;
4. into the (out) air volume function: manually adjust the knob;
5. Temperature rise time fast;
6. Safety protection: hot air circulation oven with over-temperature, motor overheating, over-current protection;
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