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  • RLY Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace
  • RLY Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace

RLY Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace

Key word:Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace,Hot Air Furnace,Furnace
Classification:Screening dust series
Overview:The fuel is burnt at firebox and the high temperature is produced. The quantity of heat will conduct to air to be heated through heat exchange device.Through heat exchange, the temperature of air is dropped to less than…
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The fuel is burnt at the burner to produce high temperature gas. The heat will conduct to the air by the heat exchange device. The temperature of the high temperature gas will dropped to less than 250°C and then discharged. The clean air is pushed to hot air furnace by the blower. The hot air will be sent from the vent after absorbed heat up to the rated value. When the temperature of hot air reaches the rated upper limit, the burner will stop burning or turn down to a small fire automatically. When the temperature of hot air drops to the rated low limit, the burner start to burn or turn up to a big -fire automatically.

This furnace is widely used for curing, heat-setting, and drying in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile, food processing, wood processing, automobile, and etc.


Model Burner oil combustion
(104 kcal/h)
Overall dimensions
L×W×H (mm)
Hot air inlet
L×W (mm)
Total weight
RLY1 RIELLO.G3/DL3FS 1.3-1.6 1 1200×1200×1600 Φ200 460
RLY4 RIELLO.G10/DL10FS 5-6.5 4 1700×1300×1600 Φ250 850
RLY10 RIELLO.G20/DL23FS 13-16 10 2300×1568×1870 Φ300 2200
RLY20 RIELLO 1G/DL34FS 26-32 20 2800×1568×1870 Φ400 2670
RLY30 RL50/DL55FT 39-48 30 3400×1568×1870 Φ450 3060
RLY40 RL70/DL75FT 52-64 40 4440×1768×2070 Φ550 5600
RLY60 RL100/DL100FT 78-96 60 5140×1868×2070 Φ600 8460
RLY100 PRESS 4G/DL 120FT 130-140 100 6440×2480×2300 550×600 12800
RLY160 P300/DL250FT 200-270 160 7470×2920×3480 750×900 15780
RLY200 P300/DL300FT 260-300 200 8175×2920×3480 750×900 18500
RLY360 G1510 480-620 360 9300×2920×3480   2100
  • RLY Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace
  • SRQ Heat Exchanger
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